WordPress Gallery

Below is a sample list of WordPress sites created by my students.

I am proud to have taught over 500 students in the basics of WordPress. Here is a partial list of WordPress sites created by my WordPress students across the country.

Katie is one of my most talented WP students and she created her new blog all on her own after meeting for only 2 short WordPress sessions. Here is a short bio on Katie. Hello, fellow Silver Vixens! My name is Katie, and I’m a blogger/photographer, wife, and mother in Southern California. started going gray in my teens and dyed my hair for over 25 years.Every so often, I would see a woman around my age with beautiful, naturally gray hair and I would think about growing out my grays. But I would always stop myself. I was afraid of looking old. I totally bought into the mindset that going gray meant you were “letting yourself go.”  Shortly after my last dye job. In February 2018, at age 50, I decided I’d had ENOUGH!


Salomon Pena is a Los Angeles Cityscapes/Night Photographer. He uses the Divi WordPress theme
to build his photography website.


Sebastian is my best WordPress student. Lives in San Diego and created this art site for my Russian art teacher Olya Losina. The WordPress theme he use is Jupiter. Sebastian uploaded the site to a cloud hosting company called Digital Ocean. Site loads really fast.


Valerie was one of my very first WordPress students from Paris, France .She sells a line of power bars that will boost your energy. Her company’s USP is Energizes better than coffee, without chemicals. Her site is betterthancoffee.com


As an accomplished mountaineer, humanitarian and compassionate social entrepreneur, Silvia Vasquez-Lavado is a sought out speaker with her personal story of resilience and courage.