Los Angeles WordPress Training

This WordPress in person class concentrates on how to get a WordPress up quickly and efficiently. When you are finished with this class you will be able to create a website using WordPress, add posts and pages, customize existing templates, and feel comfortable updating your site. This class is perfect to those seeking to build and maintain a website easily, those looking to update a website, either by themselves or as part of a team, and those who want to create a web presence without learning coding languages.

Available dates: Dec. 28, 2022.- Feb. 29, 2023 . Starts at 10 am.

Locations : Koreatown, Los Angeles

Description & Fees : 4 hour workshop in person is $200. Online is $ 150

Students will learn:

Buying Hosting
Buying a domain
Connecting a domain
Choosing a template
Linking social media Accounts to website
The basics of curating a blog
Adding and editing pages & blog posts
Adding images, videos, documents, pdfs, and other content
Creating Menus
Inserting images and other media
The basics of Search Engine Optimization